MSNBC tech reporter Dan Patterson made a shocking claim today, that the words “patriot” and “thin blue line” are apparently keywords for “Qanon” true believers.


Dan Patterson: “Although the brand they’ve  decided to abandon [QANON], they sure use a lot of the same language including the deep state. One word to look out for, a keyword, is “patriot.”  They also have co-opted a number of other brands including the “thin blue line” brand, which they have just wrapped around conspiracy theories.

Euphemisms are really the way these groups talked prior to the insurrection. When main stream media, like us, started following and catching on they realized they had to change their language

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This is in many ways if your accustomed to following politics you know about how effective dog whistles can be. They are able to speak publicly and it doesn’t sound like your saying anything offensive. But your true believers your followers can hear that dog whistle. Thats exactly what’s happening with Qannon true believers right now.”

So let me get this straight, anyone who supports the police and love their country is now an extremist. Got it.