Fulton County, no not that Fulton County, the Fulton County in Pennsylvania has now decertified their voting machines.

According to the Associated Press, Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid said she had “no other choice but to decertify the use of Fulton County’s leased Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5A voting system last used in the November 2020 election.”



“And today the Department of State decertified Fulton County’s voting system for future elections. The decision comes as the Department says county officials allowed a 3rd party vendor, Wake TSI, a company without knowledge in election technology, to access key components of it’s certified system, including the county’s election database. The company also used the system imaging tool to take complete hard drive images of the computers and other digital equipment. Officials say the 3rd party access violated the state’s chain of custody requirements and access limitations to prevent international and inadvertent tampering to the system and that the machines are now unable to be verified as safe for future use.” – WTAJ TV

We seem to remember the mockingbird media saying that 2020 was the most secure election in our nation’s history.

Could not load the poll.

Could they have been lying to us on purpose?


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