Michael Rapaport has long been known as one of the most outspoken Trump haters.

He often took to social media and went on unhinged and expletive filled rants against Donald Trump and his supporters.


Now this most recent rant has a very different feel to it…

Are Vaccine Passports a Good Idea?

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How it started:

“We are dealing with a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, okay? You’re listening to these dummies on Fox News who are questioning and ridiculing and criticizing the vaccination.” – Michael Rapaport

How it’s going:

“I just watched Tony Fauci on CNN and Fox tell me that people with the vaccine, vaccinated people are now spreading the Coronavirus. Couple of weeks ago, couple of days ago I was… Yes, I’m vaccinated. Yeaa, I’m vaccinated… be a hero. Be vaccinated. I went from being a hero because I’m vaccinated and now you motherf**kers are calling me Super Spreader? I ain’t no f**king super spreader. Figure this shit out.” – Michael Rapaport


Now if the ‘official’ narrative is being lost on one of the most liberal and outspoken C-List Hollywood elitists, imagine what is going on in the minds of rational moderates and independents.

Something tells us the backlash from all of this will be devastating to the powers that be.