Nancy Pelosi is getting major pushback on her attempt to get the House to mask up again.

This time it was Rep. Madison Cawthorn with a passionate one minute speech…



“Madame Speaker, you are not God. Your will does not bend the force or shake the mountains. Let me assure you, your will does not bow the knee of millions of my countrymen who refuse to heed your callous command. To threaten arrest on others for their own personal medical decisions is nothing short of medial apartheid and I will not let it stand. For if I am to cowardly bend the knee here like those on the Left wish then what is to stop you all from taking your tyranny to the rest of this country that I love? How dare anyone in this institution attempt to dictate to the patriots of my staff how they may live their lives. For one to think that because they have the title “honorable” attached to their name means that they may dictate what others may say and think repulses me. What makes this nation special is that this free land, the people are the royalty. So arrest us if you will but I will now cower and I will not bend. Madame Speaker, you have come to take away our liberties bur Madame Speaker, in this country, you are outnumbered. With that I yield back.” – Madison Cawthorn

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The responses to his speech online show massive support for what he is saying…

“He reminds me of the original founders-makes me proud”

“Legend. This politician deserves ‘Honourable’ before his name.”

“Now that’s what a real Speaker of the House sounds like”

“HOT DAMN!!! That was AWESOME!!! And Yes their Alllll Out Numbered.”

“Best dam speech I’ve ever heard and that’s telling it like it is!!”

Yes!!! We must NOT COMPLY!!”

“Wow is right! Just wow!”

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