On Wednesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rejected two of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s five Republicans chosen for the Capitol riot commission.  Pelosi removed Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Jim Banks from consideration, saying the Republicans may jeopardize “the integrity of the investigation.”  In response, McCarthy pulled all names from consideration.

Republicans held a press conference to discuss, and Rep. Jim Jordan didn’t exactly hold back:

Rep. Jim Jordan:

“My answer is because what happened all last year. The Democrats normalized anarchy. They normalized rioting and looting and rioters and looters attacks on law enforcement personnel, when rioters and looters destroyed small businesses, what did Democrats did? They went out and raised money to bail them out of jail and they continued to talk about defunding the police.”

“I don’t think they’re going to answer the underlying question. The fundamental question of why the House of Representatives didn’t have a proper security presence that day. They’re not going to address it and can address that question. There is only one person, and there is only one Speaker of the US House of Representatives. “

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When does the committee to investigate the billions in damage and violent crimes committed during the rioting last year?