Sidney Powell joined Steve Bannon in the War Room to discuss the CDC’s new school guidance, says the CDC has lost all credibility. Mentions Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) incident report that just came out. Over 440,000 adverse incidents. They call it strokes, heart attacks, deaths, you name it resulting from the vaccine…


“We know that children are 50 times more likely to die from the vaccine than they are from COVID. This is criminal action by the CDC to support Big Pharma. That’s the only possible reason for it. It is not for the health or the welfare of the children that, as you said, being humiliated and degraded by this prospect. It’s not the CDC anymore. It’s the Criminal Disinformation Center.” – Sidney Powell

“We need to hire at least seven more lawyers right now to deal with all the cases that we are identifying. We are looking for COVID related cases because these masks should not be required on children. We’ve got to get back to a society that recognizes individual rights. They can not force the vaccine on us. Heck, they can’t ask if a women is pregnant but they can ask if you’ve had the vaccine? That’s absolutely outrageous. It violates all kinds of federal laws that are existing. And the universities are trying to mandate it. We’ve identified some college students that are willing to file suit. So we are getting ready to make a difference in that area. We’re going to have to rain lawsuits on these universities and schools. And maybe even the CDC.” – Sidney Powell


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Here’s the more precise numbers directly from VAERS