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Stew Peters Show: Trump KNOWS and He’s Counterpunching! PCR Tests PROVEN Fraudulent! Blood Supply Tainted!

TRUMP KNOWS! The speech given by the President in Arizona should be a telling sign. Doug Billings [1] joins Stew to discuss the sudden push from ‘Republicans’ for this inoculation, despite the damage and death it’s causing.

Dr. Jane Ruby [2] exposing the CDC! The PCR Tests and ‘pool testing’ is going to be used by the globalists to lock you down, AGAIN! It’s ALL FAKE!

Dr. Bryan Ardis [3] joins Stew to discuss the threat of ‘BAD BLOOD’, as inoculated people are donating, meaning the spike protein and graphene oxide may be entering the systems of those requiring blood for surgery or in emergency situations.

DeAnna Lorraine [4] exposes the NFL for the Nazi-like ‘marking’ taking place for football players that will be required to wear yellow wristbands if they have not subjected themselves to the jab.

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