Candace Owens appeared on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle with host Laura Ingraham last night.

And boy did she not disappoint.


She went in on the Biden Administration‘s treatment of Black Americans, their support for Critical Race Theory and more…

Should 'Critical Race Theory' be taught in our schools?


Laura Ingraham: Founder of BLEXIT. Host of The Candace Owens Show. Candace, you’re reaction to this? I thought I had seen it all, but I hadn’t.

Candace Owens: You absolutely have not seen it all. There will be more to come. I can promise you that. Listen, the Biden Administration got caught red-handed and I wanna be very clear about what their intentions are because we all know that Joseph Biden does not care about races. Record when he was a Senator tells us everything that we need to know about him and his opinion about Black people. And his true that being a Black Americans is that we are the dumbest part of the population. He believes that Black Americans are the easy pawns. His administration believes that if they keep stroking racial tensions, they can turn Black Americans into permanent soldiers for their policies. And what they’re really trying to do is replace hard academics. I’m talking about engineering, mathematics, all that stuff is now a form of White Supremacy. They don’t want kids to get the right answer. They want them to focus on, you said it Laura, emotional learning, right? Because emotional learning is not rational learning. People that learn emotionally don’t tend to go off and become successful individuals. Rather, people that learn emotionally turn to become angry radical ANTIFA throwing BLM burning individuals. And those people are very easily targeted by the government. That’s what the Biden Regime wants. They really want people to do whatever they say, to be angry pawns for their government schemes.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Candace Owens out there crushing leftist’s souls with this one.”

“I’m a big fan. She makes sense, and speaks truth. Truth isn’t so welcome in this age, but it’s so needed.”

“As a black female I was either the Hook, the Line, the sinker or all 3 by the Democratic Party. That party literally brainwashes the black community. That party is literally a horrific cult”

“It is not that they got caught red-handed; it’s that they never held accountable and will continue breaking the law, morally and ethically.”

” 1. If we keep electing poopy people, we’ll continue to have a poopy society. 2. We can sprinkle carpet fresh on a cat pee stain, but the cat pee stain is still there, and the deodorizer will wear off quickly.”

“Ive seen the video of him calling black people the “N” word how can black people just ignore it!!!???”

“I am glad everyone is finally understanding what I have been saying for years. Our TEACHERS are very dumb. They have a college degree but are dumb as bricks. Lord help our kids!!!

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