CNN’s Jim Acosta, the king of fake news and Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer, can’t seem to get Donald Trump out of his head.  He used CNN as his platform to call Trump a “Karen” and said it was unfair to clowns to call Trump a “clown.”


Jim Acosta:  “There’s something that I’d like to address. A couple of weeks ago I compared Trump’s comeback tour to the circus full of sideshow acts and clowns. I later got an email from an expert on the circus industry. This person pointed out that comparison actually was not fair, because unlike the chaos of Trump world, the circus is carefully composed and organized. It’s a great point. Comparing Trump to a clown is most definitely an insult to clowns. He’s more like one of those mask hating customers at the grocery story, you’ve seen them, a “Karen” or whatever the name would be in Trump’s case. You can almost hear him saying ‘I want to talk to the manager about the election, I want to talk to the manager of Twitter or Facebook,’ and the American people are kind of like the store manager, we have to explain, ‘Well sir, you lied about the election, you incited an insurrection, you’re going to have to leave the store or we are calling security. Please take your fake White House seal and go play President somewhere else.”

It’s unfortunate that people consider him authentic or CNN news.