The fugitive Dems have really painted themselves into a corner.

I can see what they wanted to accomplish here – they really wanted to be the biggest “political buzz” in the country – they wanted to come off as these “stunning and brave” martyrs who everyone was hyper-focused on, and celebrating, and talking about them as the next “civil rights” heroes.


But that’s not what happened.

These tone-deaf, elitist Karens hopped on a taxpayer-funded private “Booze Plane” and headed into the swampiest place on earth – a place that the vast majority of Americans can’t stand.

They looked like complete idiots who don’t care that they’re wasting time and money, and basically smearing their privileged excess in the faces of Americans who are struggling.

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And when they landed, these elitist ding-a-lings all locked arms and sang, “We Shall Overcome.”

Overcome what? Private planes, jet lag, and hangovers?

Give me a break.


Now, they’re chillin’ in DC on the taxpayer’s dime, sight-seeing and stealing earning over $200 dollars a day in “fun bucks,” while refusing to do the very job that they’re being paid to do.

These are not “martyrs…” They are cringey, out-of-touch political goobers who tried to pull off a big PR stunt and it failed epically.

And Texas AG Ken Paxton says that the moment these derelict jerks touch down in Texas, they could (and should) be arrested.

You can watch the video below:

The only thing these Dems proved to the American people is that they’re not interested in actually addressing the issues that matter to this country – voter ID is so popular among the American people, that’s it’s actually one of the rare “bipartisan” issues.


Yet, even so, these idiotic Dems picked up and left their state to go on a taxpayer-funded junket to the most corrupt and disgusting place in the US.

Shameful. And the backlash will be severe.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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