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WARNING: Masked People Roaming The Streets To Stab Strangers With Experimental Drugs In North Carolina

Mecklenburg County, NC – Be on the look out. People are now going door to door to try and stab people with a needles containing an experimental vaccine that is not approved by the FDA. This same experimental vaccine has been linked to about 440,00 adverse events, 27,000 hospitalizations, over 3,000 heart attacks, almost 1,000 miscarriages and over 9,000 deaths. One ex Pfizer Vice President even said that this experimental vaccine is FIFTY TIMES more likely to kill children than COVID. [1]

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The potentially deadly COVID vaccine could be coming directly to your doorstep. The Mecklenburg County Health Department has launched a new doses to doors program. Health department workers are walking the streets and knocking on doors of unsuspecting citizens and interrupting their day in order to try an convince them that being jabbed with non FDA approved drugs is a good idea since COVID has such a high survival rate for most. [3]

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