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Woke Media Continues to Get Crushed in Ratings, TODAY Show Sees Lowest Figures Since 1991

America’s woke media continues spiral downward in the post-Trump era.

We have seen CNN’s ratings tank, and rather significant dips at MSNBC as well, but few people saw this coming.

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Once thought to be untouchable, NBC’s iconic morning show “Today” has seen consistent dips in its viewership, which reached a figure they never wanted to see this past week.

The latest drop in viewership was the steepest since 1991.  During the week of July 12-16 the show failed to hit the three-million viewer mark for the first time in 30 years.

Not only did “Today” fail in its overall viewership figures, but the gap between the show and rival CBS’ “Good Morning America” has widened.

In 2021, NBC’s “Today” averaged 3.2 million viewers, down 10% from its total viewership in 2020. “Good Morning America” on ABC is also down 9%, but with an average of 3.4 million viewers, it has surpassed “Today” as the most-watched morning show. While both shows have dropped from last year, the historic low for “Today” has raised eyebrows, as the program used to regularly exceed 6 million viewers.

According to TVNewser, “Today” also lost to “Good Morning America” in the key demographic of adults aged 25 to 54 by the greatest margin since the week of December 21, 2015.

The show has experience a tumultuous last decade, ripe with scandals and departures, from Ann Curry leaving in 2012 to Matt Lauer’s disastrous sex scandal in 2017.

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On top of all that change and the tarnishing of the show’s reputation that has accompanied it, “Today” faces a critical decision moving forward.  Continue to highlight the world’s happenings – which is not so fluffy in 2021 – or return to a lighter format and hope that they can get the right personalities to begin regaining some of their lost audience.

This piece was written by LifeZette Staff on July 21, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette [3] and is used by permission.

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