As we expose tyrannical dictatorial mandates on the broad spectrum, coercion being used by employers like United Airlines, the militant stance against college students, inflated ticket prices for those hesitant to the jab, and while we report major corruption and cover-ups, manipulated data meant to mislead you, ultimately putting your family directly into the path of a death storm, individual doctors are participating in the plan, and real people are dying. They’re being set up for death. When the average Joe on the street sets someone up for death, we call that murder, so what do we call it when a doctor intentionally refuses treatment to a patient, even going so far as to violate a ruling from a sitting judge which results in the rapid deterioration of that patient, putting her in a grave situation, fighting for her life?


Doctor Michael Raggio is doing just exactly that to Carolyn Jordan who’s condition was dramatically improving after just 3 days of treatment using Ivermectin, but Dr. Raggio pulled that treatment, and Carolyn is now on a ventilator and in critical care at Forest General Hospital.

Timeline provided to ‘The Stew Peters Show’, written by Jonathan Jordan, the son of Carolyn Jordan who appears to be under the care of a doctor intentionally trying to kill her:

On June 9th my mother Carolyn Jordan was transferred to Forest General Hospital after spending 12 days at their sister hospital Picayune Memorial with no pulmonologist no infectious disease doctor on staff. After many many requests for medicine and then a transfer, they finally granted us a transfer only to their sister hospital.

Upon arrival at Forest General, we immediately met with doctors and requested ivermectin and after many long exhausting discussions, we had convinced one doctor to try.( Dr Charles McCollum). He wrote for one dose to basically shut us up. One dose at her current condition would do nothing, and he knew that. He even told us if she did get better, we couldn’t say it was the ivermectin! We pushed him to write for at least 5 days. He did write the 5 days right before he left, and a new dr was coming on.

The big picture here is my mom received it 3 days before the new doctor discontinued it, and she improved dramatically. The medical records prove this. The new doctor coming on refused to continue the ivermectin. Dr. Lewis Neese declined to continue the ivermectin. He reports to Dr. Steven Stogner, who seems to be in charge he also refused. We said we would get an attorney, and this is what happened! (the attorney is noted in their notes the 18th) Raggio comes on next 21sr the first dr to label her respiratory failure) This is in the medical records.

(Came on shift after Neese) When Dr.  Michael J. Raggio came on, it seemed he came there with an objective. Mom started to decline instantly in his care; he had administered sedative without permission; he turns all her vents settings up almost to wear her out. We took action and fired him, refused his care, and a new dr came on and instantly had mom improving, turned her settings down, and had her back on free-flowing oxygen within hours.

This is what my mom wrote about Dr. Michael Raggio:

We hire attorneys Ralph Lorigo and Pete Stokes to help us. We went to count the judge wouldn’t grant us the ivermectin without a prescription we returned with a prescription from an outside dr. The morning of court, the NP Cynthia Denmark who wrote the prescription, called Ralph crying on the phone, saying her job was being threatened. We proceeded to court with the prescription and affidavit the judge ruled in our favor for the prescription to be given. The hospital attorney in court said it would be retracted. Not 5 mins after court the prescription and affidavit were retracted. Although the judge ruled in our favor the order was not signed due to the prescription being retracted.

Where we are today is no local doctors will not go against the hospital and give the script; the first dr was so scared she wouldn’t talk to the attorneys anymore. The administration of the hospital is controlling the drs telling them what they can and can not prescribe. The doctors are avoiding us refuse to give us information on mom.

Today we were banned from seeing mom because they claimed someone called anonymously and said someone was heading there to give her the ivermectin. So they refused to let us in.

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Jonathan Jordan joined Stew to discuss.

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