The disaster of the bungled Afghanistan withdrawal continues to worsen and American lives are at stake.  There are 10,000 – 15,000 Americans estimated to be in Afghanistan still, unable to reach the Kabul airport. There are tens of thousands of Afghanistan nationals who have assisted the United States in the 20 year conflict who are already being targeted and slaughtered by the Taliban also still in the country.

It looks like the Biden regime has no plan to get any of them out, unless they can make it to the airport themselves.  The problem is, the Taliban have the airport surrounded and have established checkpoints throughout the country.


A White House producer for CBS News, Sara Cook,  Tweeted this, “A congressional aide tells @CBSNews we have no partners left in Afghanistan to safely get Americans in-country to Kabul. “There are 10-15k AmCits who still need to get out, and that obviously doesn’t include the tens of thousands of SIVs or P2 applicants trying to get out of Afg”

The image in the tweet reportedly came from the U.S. Government, telling Americans if they want to get out they need to get to the airport, but that the U.S. can’t guarantee their safety.

Apparently the Biden withdrawal plan doesn’t include getting Americans out.  It probably would have been a good idea to plan for that ahead of time…

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t offer any guidance to stranded Americans in her first press conference since running off to vacation during the crisis.

Psaki Can’t Offer Any Guarantee That All Americans Will Be Evacuated From Afghanistan

United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan didn’t make anyone fell safer either, refusing to commit to evacuating all American from Afghanistan.

NSA Sullivan Refuses To Commit To Evacuating All Americans From Afghanistan

Defense Department Press Secretary John Kirby confirmed the U.S. has no plan to get Americans to the airport and out of the country.


John Kirby: No Plan To Get Americans To Airport

John Kirby On Americans Trapped In Afghanistan

It’s time to get each and every American out safely.