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Biden Should Be Court Martialed For Betrayal – Former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan

The disdain for Joe Biden continues to grow, especially over his complete mishandling of the Afghanistan withdraw.

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently filed Articles of Impeachment [1] but this British Colonel says that he he should be court martialed.


Colonel Kemp appeared on Fox News with Mark Levin to call for his head.

Watch here:

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“So the whole world just became vastly more dangerous. The US government, President Biden humiliated the United States. He humiliated the United States Army. In my opinion, and I don’t say this lightly, and I’ve never said it about anybody else, any other leader in this position. People have been talking about impeaching President Biden. I don’t believe President Biden should be impeached. He’s the commander in chief of the US Armed Forces, who’s just essentially surrendered to the Taliban. He shouldn’t be impeached. He should be court martialed for betraying the United States of America and the United States armed forces.” – Colonel Kemp

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It’s becoming more and more apparent that Joe Biden is not mentally capable to be the leader of the free world.

Here’s another example.

Really Joe?

There’s a hurricane coming… social distancing, masks & vaccinations is your advice?

Not anything important like food, water and power?

“Don’t get caught by the next storm. Get vaccinated now.”

There’s a vaccination against hurricanes?

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