Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the core mRNA vaccine technologies and he recently sat down with Steve Bannon on the War Room Pandemic show.

Listen closely to what he has to say.


The fact that a biotech executive who is refusing to have her child vaccinated is pretty alarming by itself. But now add that ‘they’ are taking her child away from her for making her own decision on how to best care for her child… this should scare everyone.


Steve Bannon: Dr. Malone, Raheem’s  talking about if you see where France is going, we’re England, the United States, you may even get in a situation with these vaccines. And look, we’re not trying to be alarmist, right? We’re just talking. We’re trying to give evidence that we believe in science. We believe in evidence. We believe in data. That’s what we have people like you on. Dr. Holmes is going to join us from Texas in a little while. Talk to us. Do you think we’re getting to a situation, sir, that you actually, about vaccinations, have family separation?

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Dr. Robert Malone: So I’ve been called to, as an expert witness, to testify and in a court in Boston, of a child who has been removed for their parents custody, a 14 year old. And the court is, the legal system is insisting on vaccinating this 14 year old. The mother is objecting and she’s a very senior biotech executive. She’s highly informed. She’s made a decision not to vaccinate her child based on the data. And the courts have removed custody and are trying to force the child to accept vaccination. They’re so worked up the parents and they have the capital, they’re going to fly me up to Boston potentially to testify in court.

Steve Bannon: Dr. Mike, this is what I don’t understand, you’ve dedicated your life. I mean, not only you’re not an anti vaxxer, you have dedicated your life to vaccines, right? What you just we played the Joy Reid clip at the beginning, this thing now has gotten to be, they don’t put forth any evidence. They don’t put forth, it’s just assertions, assertions, assertions and demands. As a scientist, and someone that spent their life doing this, where are we right now as a country in this debate, sir?


Dr. Robert Malone: So we really have been split. And there is a, you know, as you heard, in the Joy Reid clip, there’s an underlying assumption that the 50% of the country that is not accepting vaccine is doing so based on some political rationale. The studies are out that these people that are vaccine hesitant, are actually highly informed. They understand the facts. In many cases, this is not this falls into the deplorables stereotype. But in fact, what you have is people that are actually being data based in their decision making for the large part. They’re often highly educated, highly informed, and they are aware of the issues. And what we’re having is this emotional appeal, understand, recognize what she just did, they just did in that clip. They’re appealing, they’re essentially saying you’re not being a patriot if you don’t accept vaccine, that’s the subtext here. But in fact, if you’re not, if you’re wary or hesitant about taking vaccine, particularly for your children, that is a rational data based decision. And by the way, these are not licensed products. It’s your right to have that decision. And they seem to be so frustrated, they’re doubling down on their authoritarianism, in terms of the attempts to force, I mean, taking kids away from their parents. That’s not a theoretical thing. It’s happening. There’s the belief that they’re forcing people to do these things. But the evidence doesn’t support this universal vaccination strategy.

Steve Bannon: How did a 14 year old, how did the state come in and say, actually, a 14 year old has to be vaccinated if their parents don’t want it? And they believe in informed consent, and the woman’s got expertise and biotechnology, is an expert. How to Tell me how does that actually work?

Dr. Robert Malone: I have no idea. I, this is all I know about the case is I don’t know the underlying context. Apparently the 14 year old believes they want vaccination, and they’re in conflict with their parents. You got to understand that, for instance, in Virginia, in many areas in the country, the federal government is providing capital for these incentive programs like every child that gets vaccinated is going to get a $50 gift card or they get entered into a big lottery. This is what’s going on right now. It is out right coercion. It’s no longer ice cream cones to get the jab without your parents approval. Like was going on in Canada, but it’s now financial incentives to children to get the job and they have enormous peer pressure. You know how a 14 year old is subjected to peer pressure.

Steve Bannon: Yeah, and that’s how they’re using the influences our staff has put together some very disturbing, gonna show on Monday, but these young influencers, a young woman with the with the platform shoes and the White House has these influencers are just out there to make sure the kids, your gonna split the families.

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