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BLM Protestors Target Tucker At Fox News HQ, Burn American Flag

BLM protestors arrived at Fox News headquarters in NYC on Wednesday to protest “racism.”  Protestors were seen lighting smoke bombs, burning flags, marching, yelling and being obnoxious.

“You’re full of lies, you’re all racists and Nazis you’re Zionists, you’re KKK, Proud Boys…” claimed a protestor with a megaphone.


“He’s laughing, he’s laughing… This isn’t funny, black people are dying and you’re not talking about that!” said a protestor complaining about Fox News employee laughing at them.

Elad Eliahu Tweeted, “Earlier today a small group of BLM protesters gathered outside Fox News HQ in midtown Manhattan to protest the media company ‘You’re all racist, you’re nazis, you’re zionists, you’re KKK'”

Protestors can be seen lighting smoke bombs and setting an American flag on fire, along with Tucker Carlson’s picture, outside of Fox News HQ.

Julio Rosas said, “Tucker told me his response: ‘I’m proud to be burned with the flag.'”

That sounds like Tucker.