It’s long been said that Snopes is for dopes…

Now it just came out that their CEO and co-founder has plagiarized at least 54 different times.


We’re not sure if that has him pass Joe Biden in the plagiarism department or not…

Not sure where to go to fact check that anymore. 😂😂😂


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Steve Bannon: I gotta pivot before I let you go. This thing on Snopes, you know you’re one of the powerful voices because you’re all over social media. This is a big deal. This guy supposed to be the ultimate fact checker, vehemently anti Trump vehemently anti Bannon, but that’s a subset. Right very anti MAGA, a very anti populist, very anti nationalist. These people are as nasty as they get. They’re supposed to be like the Caesar’s wife when it comes to fact checking. What did we found out about Snopes?

Jack Posobiec: What happened with Snopes is the complete downfall of the world’s oldest and probably the most powerful fact checking engine, right? And we’ve said this before that, you know, you see when you’re fact checked, that just means you got something right. Well, Snopes, the CEO and co founder, keep in mind Snopes is run essentially by two people in their cats in their apartment somewhere. The CEO has now been suspended because he was caught plagiarizing stories, stealing content from people, passing it off as his own, using fake aliases, publishing articles up on his website under false names and portraying all of this as if it was his own work and straight up lying. So they’ve retracted multiple stories. They’re going through a deeper investigation of what was going on there. And this just goes to show you that these people and you of course, have had Alan Duke on from lead stories. That’s kind of that’s kind of like the new Snopes, they’re the up and comers, right? These people are all cut from the exact same cloth. The fact checkers are nothing more than the hall monitors of the overstate. They are pushing regime narratives. Their job is to shut you up, to silence you and shut you down. And when you look at who they are, and you look at the money that they’re taking, in the case of Allen Duke and the CCP, when you’re looking at the way they conduct themselves in case of Snopes, with their lies, years and years of lies, this is who they are. This is exactly who we always said they were.


Most savvy internet users already knew Snopes was a joke, scam, disinformation outfit already, but now even more people should be waking up…

“No such thing as fact checking any more, every time I see fact check its msm narrative. What a joke”

“It’s the same Deep State people that go into politics, business, academia, etc. that become “fact checkers”. They fact check themselves, and they’re always right and you’re always wrong. Amazing!”

“Jack Posobiec is a national treasure!”

“This is fantastic! I wish could remember who tried to fact check me by siting snopes. Man, this would be a nice vindicating story.”

“Everyone they lied about should SUE THEM! Much truth would have been publicly available about BHO if not for Snopes protecting him.”

“Thank you….fact checking is same as Wikipedia, and government tech….all must be prosecuted”

“Democrats Lie & The Leftist Media Swears To It. NOW… The left media boilerplate’s their “swear-to lie” with a “Fact-Check Lie”.”

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