So the Radical Leftist hacks at CNN that have been wrong on many major stories in the past five years ‘teamed up’ with the CDC Director, Dr Rochelle Walensky, who’s been wrong on the science of COVID repeatedly, to push against the Second Amendment.

Neither Elizabeth Cohen (CNN Senior Medical Correspondent) nor Dr. Rochelle Walensky (CDC Director) are experts on guns, Constitutional Law or the Second Amendment.


For the past year, it’s been these types of people who have been repeating ‘Trust the experts’ as if they were in some sort of COVID Cult.

This time we’ll take their ‘Trust the experts’ advice and completely ignore anything they have to say on this topic.

That doesn’t mean we won’t listen to their words in order to mock and laugh at them.

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Elizabeth Cohen: Dr. Walensky stands firm. Do you worry that even just saying the word guns or even talking about firearms, that you’re going to get a whole sector of the United States just really angry?

Dr. Walensky: Of course, I also worry that if we don’t do anything about it, we have a whole sector of the United States that’s really angry.

Elizabeth Cohen: How high a priority is this for you?

Dr. Walensky: This is one of the leading killers of our young people in this country. It’s a high priority.


These are the same people that insist that you refer to Sleepy Joe’s wife as ‘Doctor’ even though she’s not actually a MD.

Literally none of the people mentioned so far in this article are to be considered serious people. They’re all fake.

Fake News pushing fake experts to push a fake narrative to push an agenda from a fake President who has a fake doctor wife. All protected by fake fact checkers.


The people are no longer falling for it…

“Maybe imprisonments will work instead of releasing them back on the streets. The incompetent leaders is the problem don’t appoint DA’s that’s going to slap the criminals on the wrists.”

“They left 85 Billion dollars worth of equipment in the hands of our enemies, the Taliban.”

“Remember all those safety studies for 3 shots? Me neither. Enjoy being a Guinea Pig!”

“I took a gun and hunter safety class in a WV high school in 1976. That’s disappeared.”

“They just armed the entire Taliban, we don’t want to hear it”

“Next CNN headline: “Afghan refugees have a message for Trump”

“Are we concerned about the over reach of the CDC yet?”

“What do guns have to do with Disease? The CDC stands for Center for Disease Control, we need to cut their funding.”

“That was 4 or 5 days ago, come on man!”

“The CDC BRILLIANT LADY should talk to kids in Chicago or Baltimore about gun Saftey !!!! It’s NOT A HIGH PRIORITY for her !!!!”

“It’s our constitutional right to bare arms. Go after criminals that abuse that right. They’re not that hard to find. Then prosecute them to the fullest extent. Democrats are the problem with releasing them.”

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