Joe Biden is on vacation while Afghanistan implodes.

Kamala Harris is Tweeting about COVID Vaccination while the Taliban is slaughtering people in the streets.

Jen Psaki just announced that she’s taking the week off while there’s a literal armed insurrection going on after 20 years of our military being in country.



The entire Biden Administration is running for cover and they’re trying to hide from the people.

The people are now awakening to the complete incompetency of this administration…

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“This is blood on Biden’s hands while he vacations!”

“And then you’ve got Leftists calling us terrorists. Really?”

“Everything this nation is experiencing right now is born of HATE! The democrats hated an American (President Trump) so desperately that they were willing to destroy the country…tell me that these people are not terminally mentally ill! Trump derangement syndrome has destroyed the mental health of millions of people in this country! Please note: I didn’t call them Americans…they aren’t!!”

“These people are animals…disgusting filthy animals!! But what does that make Biden? The dirty old coward sits in the white house pretending to be President!! If you searched for a 100 years, you couldn’t find a worse pile of shit than him as a leader! I’m embarrassed for America and at the same time disgustedly ashamed!! Biden and his demoncrat party are bathed in blood…hell isn’t enough for them!”

“And this is the guy that is Demanding we all take an Experimental Jab!”


“each and every American who actually did vote for biden owns a piece of this carnage….sleep well tonight…”

“Between this mess, inflation, CRT in schools, and the border crisis, I think we have more than enough evidence to start impeachment process.”


“I’m glad to see this video on Rumble so the world can know what’s really going on in Afghanistan, you’re not going to see anything like this video in the mainstream media, The blood is on your hands all you people who put Biden in office by cheating, You Democrats are the one that made this bloodbath happen.”

“Biden needs to be arrested, along with everyone else in his administration, plus Blinken, Milley, Pentagon Officials who were also involved in this decision, and intelligence officials who were too busy chasing imaginary white supremacists and insurrectionists, instead of doing their job to know what was happening on the ground in Afghanistan. They didn’t even shut down What’s App which is what the Taliban used to monitor what was happening inside Kabul. These people should all face a charge of treason.”

“All these murders are a result of the STOLEN AMERICAN ELECTION, November 3. All these deaths would never have happened with Trump in the White House.”

“Where is that fat Milley‘s mouth now? They are all hiding like their leader Biden! Psaki is taking a week off too. I wonder why?”

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