“With growing pushback against the Taliban’s rule, National Resistance Front of Afghanistan leader Ahmad Massoud urged the Western nations to supply arms and ammunition.

He is the son of late Afghan politician and military commander Ahmad Shah Massoud who is revered for his heroic fight against the Taliban.

Tragically, he was assassinated by suicide bombers on September 9, 2001, two days before the 9/11 terror attack.” – Republic World



“Ahmad Massoud has sought weapons and ammunitions for resistance forces against the Taliban through an op ed that he’s written in the Washington Post. He’s, of course the son of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud. What we know is that this op ed has appeared this morning in the Washington Post and he has said that even though they do have the former Afghan army also now joining in their resistance movement, they will fall short of arms and ammunition going on then to request allies, the US allies to help them mount a significant resistance to the Taliban. I’m going to quote what he said in his op ed, he says, I write from the Panjshir Valley today ready to follow my father’s footsteps. Just to tell our viewers Ahmad Massoud is a son of Ahmad Shah Massoud who was formerly from the Northern Alliance.

He goes on then to say, with the Mujaheddin fighters who are prepared to once again take on the Taliban, we have stores of ammunition and arms that we have patiently collected since my father’s time, because we knew this day might come. We also have weapons that have been carried by the Afghans who for the past 72 hours have responded to my appeal to join the resistance in Panjshir. However, we will still still need weapons, because this is not enough. So that appeal that’s coming in from Ahmad Massoud.” – Republic World Anchor

“We are looking at the Northern Alliance trying to get support in a fight against the Taliban, as we’ve seen the pullout of the US troops as well as the IRA. So basically they feel a sense of betrayal that is that they have been left out and they have to fend for themselves to fight for themselves in the battle against the Taliban. Now, earlier during the Taliban regimes we had also seen that in the first regime as well as the Taliban in the 90’s up to 2001, we had seen how the Northern Alliance was very strong against the Taliban and they have come together again, once again to fight the Taliban in the wake of Taliban threat once again, now Ahmad Massoud the son of the late commander. He again is galvanizing his troops once again.

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Along with the Vice President he has joined hands, I’m given to understand at this point of time that he wants to fight the Taliban. They want to put up a strong fight, but for that they need weapons for that. They need arms and ammunition. Yesterday, we’re also seeing that a huge chest of American arms, you know, were seized by the Taliban. And the Taliban has a little advantage over here. But we have to see how and what international support, does Ahmad Massoud get in the fight against the Taliban?” – Crispino Nunes



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