With Joe Biden on the ropes in the polls and his approval rating at it’s lowest point of his presidency, Donald Trump just all but confirmed he’s running for 2024.

Many American’s wish he was President now, Including many remorseful Biden voters.



Maria Bartiromo: Mr. President, I don’t think you would be going all around the country doing rallies if you were not intending on throwing your hat in the ring again. Mr. President, are you going to run in 2024?

President Trump: So the campaign finance laws which are antiquated and stupid. Okay, stupid. They’re corrupt in a way but they’re stupid, doesn’t allow me to tell you that. Okay? If I tell you that a whole host of things happens which are bad. So I can’t tell you. I can’t tell you this. I love our country. You’re going to be very happy.

Maria Bartiromo: Mr. President, we so appreciate you joining us this morning. We are certainly watching.


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Here’s what some people are saying about this clip…

“Make America Great Again (Again)!”

“We need this man back in office in a bad way! I will do whatever I need to do to support him. He’s the only person in a long time that helped the average person. God Bless this man we will not be silenced! Maga 2024”

“We won’t have a country in 2024! Biden needs to be removed NOW!”

“Trump needs to come back now Biden needs to resign this country won’t survive another 3 years of this bullshit”

“Trump already WON we the people have to stand up and put the elected president in the Whitehouse not the installed RAIN MAN dementia joe Biden.”

“Pres. Trump is not the “former” president. He is the President. We must take back our country.”

“First step everyone vote in 2022, hopefully it win’t be so corrupt still that we don’t get robbed again. Nov.8,2022! 435 house seats, 34 senate.”

“When he said “You are going to be very happy” I got a chill. #TRUMP2024 retaking America….”

“Trump 2024 would be amazing. We need him or someone like him to run and win to bring this country back.”

“I miss you so much President Trump! Just hope and pray we can get a fair election.”

“We miss you President Trump! This time “We The People” have to go to every location where votes are being counted, take shifts if we have to, to support our Poll Observers. They will cheat if we don’t don’t rise up to Protect our Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Assembly.”

“People better wake up now before it’s to late. Look what this bafoon in the White House has done in 7 months! It’s going to get worse people. Is this the shit sandwich you want to leave your children and grandchildren? Contact your reps daily and demand some action at least to remove this worthless POS from office or stand aside and let someone who will. WE NEED TERM LIMITS NOW PROPLE! To many useless Career politicians now!”

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