Dominion Whistleblower, Admin Password Remote Access

Still wondering why they won’t comply with the subpoenas?


They know that we know and they got caught.

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“Voting systems are, by design, meant to be used as closed systems that are not networked. Meaning they are not connected to the internet.” – John Poulos, Dominion CEO

“There is no internet connectivity at all.” – John Poulos, Dominion CEO

“They are not designed to be connected to the outside world through either an internet connection or any other external connectivity device.”- John Poulos, Dominion CEO


Whistleblower: Do we have these passwords in this system?

Dominion: Not the BIOS passwords.

Whistleblower: What’s that?

Dominion: The state is keeping them.

Whistleblower: The state won’t let us have our own passwords?

Dominion: Not the BIOS password.

Sen. Peter J. Lucido: Does Dominion have any way to remotely access any of the information on any of the equipment or have remote access within the machines themselves?

Dominion CEO John Poulos: No

Sen. Peter J. Lucido: Does anybody have access, to the best of your knowledge?

Dominion CEO John Poulos: No

Dominion: You’re connected to the internet.

Whistleblower: Right

Dominion: This one has wireless.

Whistleblower: Right

Dominion: But the devices are…

Whistleblower: are greyed out.

Dominion: They’re not checked.

Whistleblower: Oh I see

Dominion: They are disabled.

Whistleblower: OK. But you would be able to go in and do that though, right?

Dominion: Yeah

Whistleblower: By unlocking it and putting the password in?

Dominion: Right

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