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Dr. Tenpenny Claims Pfizer Whistleblower Is Saying Close to 200,000 Have Died From COVID Vaccines [VIDEO]

It’s being reported that the FDA is set to approve the Pfizer vaccine any time now.

Have they investigated this?

Or do they already know and just not care?


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“I’m actually been talking to a a whistleblower right now that’s yet to be named, who’s an insider at Pfizer, who called and was crying and said that 45,000 number I have documentation that and I haven’t seen it yet, so at this point in time, it’s still hearsay, that I’ve got documentation that that number is closer to 200,000 people that have died within a week or less of getting one of the shots.” – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Now get this, Chris Sky [3] is reporting that the acting head of the FDA who would be the one approving the COVID Vaccine.

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She also approved Oxycontin and Fentanyl, the two drugs most responsible for the opioid epidemic.

“Hey guys crazy info that obviously will never get from anybody but me. So they’re gonna plan on getting FDA approval for the COVID vaccine next week so they can try to push all these mandates on everybody cuz they’re gonna tell you how safe and effective it is. Well guess how they did it? They got a woman named Janet Woodcock, who is the chief for the center of drug evaluation research, and they put her as the acting head of the FDA to give her the approval status, and this woman is personally responsible for approving both Oxycontin, which is causing a friggin epidemic, and Fentanyl, the two most dangerous drugs on the market today that got approved by this woman Janet Woodcock, who’s now going to be approving our COVID vaccines so they can push everybody with mandates.” – Chris Sky

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