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Experimental Jabs For 5-11 Year Old Kids Being Pushed By NYC’s Communist Gov DeBlasio

Trust the science, trust the data, trust the experts they said.

What science, data and experts are suggesting that kids from 5 to 11 years old need to inject an experimental drug that doesn’t prevent them from getting or spreading a virus that has almost ZERO chance of hospitalizing or killing them?


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“Look, human beings do well when they have carrot and stick. So a mandate helps people to realize it’s time. FDA final approval on Pfizer said it’s time. Now the Biden administration could do something else that would really help us all move forward. Speed the approval of the vaccine for the 5 to 11 year olds. It’s time for that. Look, if we can get that last piece done, because right now we can vaccinate kids 12 and up. We’re having a lot of success in New York City getting that done. But we need that last piece. And we need every child in America back in school. So I know Joe Biden cares to his great credit. I know the team’s working nonstop, but they’ve got to make this a central priority. Get that vaccine ready for the five to 11 year olds. And then there’s not even a question anymore about our schools. Everyone in the school building at that point, could be vaccinated, should be vaccinated.” – Warren Wilhelm Jr, AKA Bill DeBlasio

New Yorkers should be organizing to remove this deranged lunatic from office. (at a minimum)

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The people are on to him…

“Hang this mayor in the town square”

“What can we expect from our human race that has argued mainstream beliefs against real science over the centuries? Todays’ scientists show evidence Covid-19 virus was a result of CCP / NIAD funded Ecohealth as a gain of function research proving Covid virus is a man-made disease.”

“Pfizer and Moderna disclaimers prove the gene altering injections are not safe or effective. More importantly, they disclaim that their mRNA concoctions are not real vaccines since their jabs don’t provide immunity nor stop transmission. We have CCP scientists that have bravely come forward with their testimony and research that proves COVID19 virus was developed either as CCP bioweapon or a science project gone terribly wrong Mandatory gene altering injections without informed consent is a crime against humanity Be educated / Be informed / Beware”

“You are a waste of human tissue there I said it”

“It’s time for me to just ignore this idiot.”

“The true Communist strikes again”

“This guy is an F’ing asshole!!”

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