From KanekoaTheGreat:

Fauci admits antiviral treatments are effective if administered at the early stage of the virus.

Something that scientists and doctors have been screaming since March 2020 until they have had their tongues cut out by big tech oligarchs.

In typical Fauci fashion as the lead carnival barker for big pharma, he will be suggesting some brand new, expensive, patented Pfizermectin or Modernachloroquine.

Stunning that he is even admitting early antiviral treatments are effective considering the on-going effort to vaccinate every man, women, and child.



Tony Fauci: We’re looking at an orally administered, maybe seven to 10 days given to person who is early on in the course of their infection before you get to the cascade of events that lead to the aberrant activation, inflammatory response that kills people. Because we know now from a lot of experience with the care of these individuals, that if you can keep that virus from going to the upper airway, to going down into the lung and other organ systems, you can change what could be a devastating disease and make it an upper airway, common cold type approach, which is really what we need to do, we only need to knock out that virus for about seven to 10 days, rather than lifelong with we have to do with HIV.

CSIS Interviewer: What are you telling people is the is the optimal profile?

Tony Fauci: Okay, the optimal profile, we, were comfortable with this because we’ve developed product profiles for so many other drugs, including with HIV. So first of all, I want a pill that blocks a specific viral function. I want to give it once a day, if possible. I want it to be low in toxicity. And I want it to have very minimal drug-drug interactions. So orally administered, single pill, given for seven to 10 days, little drug-drug interaction and low toxicity. Give me that and I’ll be really happy.


Internet users that have been paying attention our hip to the scheme though…

“Yeah he is endorsing a new drug Pfizer is making I believe. Think Merck are making one too (which is why they suppressed their own Ivermectin)”

“There’s always a disgusting purpose to that vile vermin’s utterances!!”

“This one must be hanged in the public square. He’s a criminal”

“Fauci needs to be GITMO’d”

“Here you go Fraudci. IVERMECTIN !!”

“Still talking about this little bug. This thing is a damn joke. If everyone would just stop listening to these liars, maybe they would disappear. Poof”

“He needs to be tried for crimes against humanity.”

“Sheesh…. And I lost so many medical friends over this thing. God in Heaven. At least I know now who my real friends are. All over the net, digital frens and soldiers.”

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