Donald Trump was right, AGAIN

Listen to what he said about withdrawing from Afghanistan on August 21st, 2017.




“The consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable. 9/11 the worst terrorist attack in our history was planned and directed from Afghanistan, because that country was ruled by a government that gave comfort and shelter to terrorists. A hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists, including ISIS and Al Qaeda would instantly fill, just as happened before September 11th.” – Donald Trump

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The debacle that Joe Biden, his administration and the woke ‘leadership of our military have created was entirely predictable.

Everyone with half a brain could have seen this coming. In fact, it has been said that their are teenagers who play the video game Call of Duty that have more tactical awareness than the people pulling the strings on this Afghanistan withdrawal.


Just take a look at what some of the people are saying online…

“Whats not reported was that in late Feb 2020 when the withdraw agreement was inked, 4 days later Our President bombed the shit out of the Taliban because they fired on Afghan forces. Since then they cowered in their caves hoping a democrat would come along”

“President Trump was right then and Biden is 100% wrong now. The sad thing is this was all planned by Biden’s handlers. They wanted this to happen.”


“That stubborn, demented, stupid ass Biden, could have had the EASIEST presidency in the history of this country. IF he would have sat back, eat his Choco Chocochip ice cream and left all of Trump’s policies in place. HELL, I bet Trump would’ve even gave Ol’Joe free advice, if he asked for it.”

“Too bad the MSM won’t show this. They are already covering Bidens butt! Such a sad state we are in with this corrupt administration”

“Afghanistan is the final straw . . . POTUS Trump, please come back and take control of the White House and our govt. . . . before it’s too late!”

“What do you know Joe? President Trump was right again.”

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