General Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne have been fighting for election integrity and transparency since the beginning.

Here’s what they’re saying today…



Patrick Byrne: This is gonna be a big week. Maricopa gets delivered, let’s all see, we’re going to, for 10 months, this gentleman and myself have been saying there’s one and only one solution, open the boxes in six places. They got done in one place. We’re all going, Mike, will you agree that if they find nothing there, I’ll come out and apologize.

General Michael Flynn: I mean I’ll stand there with Patrick on an international stage and say, we were wrong…

Patrick Byrne: And I’m sorry that we put the country through that, but if we’re right, maybe, maybe this other course of action.

General Michael Flynn: And maybe what we see is we see a flipping of the Electoral College, and a place that we’ve never been before. It’s totally unprecedented in our country. But I will tell you what, if that’s the case, and the outcome of the election was what we believe it is, that something needs to happen, and it needs to be a sort of a reconciliation of the American people with the political class. And I think that’s going to happen.

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Patrick Byrne: With the political class being the ones that are sort of offering their apology.

General Michael Flynn: Exactly, exactly.

Patrick Byrne: Thank you.


What do you think will come of all this?

Here’s what the people are saying online…

“Let it Ripp! How about we also move forward for court marshaling Joe Biden”


“Lol! Sorry, the polical class apology. What kind of apology can one give for selling out their country and countrymen? Or, for stealing the futures of of children and grandchildren?”

“There should be a lot of people going to jail. The gop abandoned the people who voted for them…. the gop are nothing but democrats self enriching career politicians”

“We are right and we will never quit tratiors to the constitution must hang then we can heal”

“Covid has allowed everything else to skip the rules…why not flipping the electoral college if proven stolen? They can use covid for an excuse, so will we!!”

“Start the de-certification of ALL electoral votes. The United States of America demands a re-vote. Paper ballot ONLY. From dog-catcher to President. The People want the truth, nothing less.”

“General Flynn is a man of honor and integrity who has survived the Deep State attacks with grace and humility. God bless him and his family.”

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