General Michael Flynn was targeted by the Deep State.

He remains in their cross-hairs today…



“So what do we do? Well, maybe, you know, there was a thing yesterday, I think where they were trying to get people to, to go, you know, basically peacefully protest at the states capitals around the country, all 50 states and demand, not only demand audits of our election system because our election system is totally broken. I mean, if Mike Lindell has done anything for the nation over the course of all of these documentaries that he’s put out, and his latest cyber symposium, it’s to clearly demonstrate that our election system is so fraught with fraud and corruption. So that’s, you know, we’ve got to fix that. We cannot have a 2022 election and pretend, pretend like 2020 what you know, was just, you know, a passing fancy, I mean, my God, you know, there’s no way that this guy that’s in the White House, no way that he was elected. I mean, people didn’t elect this person, it was the way that this country elected this person. I mean, I find it… So now I’m a conspiracy theorist. And and the DHS is going to designate me as a terrorist, they’ll go and get a fake, they’ll use the FISA court to get a fake warrant to start monitoring all my communications like they did from 2015 on.

Okay. So again, I can’t complain, I’m not going to complain, what we have to do is we have to use the talents, you know, the the God given talents, the God given skills that we have, and we’ve got to go figure out how do we employ them around this country, and around this country means every single Township, every Parish, every, every county, every state, and then all of these elected officials that we put into into the Congress. Oh, my God, we had 20, you know, when I look at Merrick Garland as an example, the Attorney General, we had 20 senators vote for him. When I look at the the the impeachment nonsense that Trump went through, we had a whole bunch of Republicans vote for impeachment. I mean, it’s insane. So you know, we had people that voted for the insurrection crucifixion commission that’s about to come up. And when not when Nancy Pelosi and her thugs come back from from their recess, and then around the middle of September, we’re gonna see this insurrection crucifixion commission that I call it, and that’s going to be, that’s just going to be meant to totally tear the country apart.” – General Michael Flynn


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