When you keep things in perspective of Occam’s Razor (simplest solution) and simply follow the money.

Ask yourself who benefits the most?



“The principle winner in Afghanistan is not ISIS. It’s not Al Qaeda. It’s China. It’s absolutely China. The Chinese have a wide open door to strengthen and thicken what is called their belt road initiative. And anybody that wants to go dig into that go dig into it because the Chinese belt road initiative which has been going on for about five to 10 years. The Afghan gates, the doors just went wide open. And that’s why the Taliban are not attacking the Chinese embassy. That’s why the Chinese Embassy didn’t shut down. That’s why the Russian Embassy didn’t shut down.” – General Michael Flynn

The Belt & Road Initiative seeks to establish a trade route for them to Europe, Africa, etc. that can’t be targeted by U.S. sanctions, giving China leverage over smaller, poorer countries as a form of economic imperialism that includes 71 countries as of now, using fear instead of friendship with these countries, entrapping them in debt. There is also worry that it will be used to transport soldiers along this route, as well as export Communism

Pay attention folks. It’s time to wake up.


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