In a shocking, but not all that surprising tweet, George Bush’s former CIA/NSA director has endorsed the idea of rounding up MAGA people and shipping them off to Afghanistan.

That’s right, the very professional and mentally stable General Michael Hayden, took to Twitter where he responded to a tweet from some random Twitter account.

The random account, going by the handle “JoeyG” said, “Can we send the MAGA wearing unvaxxed to Afghanistan, no use sending that plane back empty?”


General Hayden, a man who swore to protect and serve his country and its people – all Americans – responded back with: “Good idea.”

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald found the tweet and said this about it:

“George Bush and Dick Cheney’s former CIA/NSA Director — and current CNN favorite — endorsing the idea that people who wear MAGA hats and aren’t vaccinated should be forcibly shipped to Afghanistan. The US intelligence community has always been led by sociopaths.”

Take a look:

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There is something seriously wrong with these people.


The level of hate and anger they have against Americans who simply don’t agree with them is reaching really disturbing and weird levels.

I think Glenn is right when he said that they’re all sociopaths.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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