Great job by Freedom Toons on this hysterical rendition of tony ‘Flip Flop’ Fauci.

The ‘experts’, ‘science’ and guidelines just keep on changing and the goalposts just keep on moving.



Fed Up American: Oh, I’m so glad I got the vaccine so I don’t have to wear a mask anymore.

Tony Fauci: Oh yes you do. B*tch

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Fed Up American: What? I thought that was over.

Tony Fauci: Oh no, the science is settled. You have to not not wear a mask. Nevermind. The science changed. What’s most important is you remember, Oh wait, hold on. You need a mask now actually.

Fed Up American: You need one.

Tony Fauci: Yes a mask of course. Now listen, you need.

Fed Up American: Another one to be even more safe, right?

Tony Fauci: Well, I suppose it couldn’t. Now you also need another booster shot.

Fed Up American: But hold on. Another mask.

Tony Fauci:Now you’re also going to need a droplet shot. It saves you from the

Fed Up American: Hold on. I’m still not safe.

News Anchor: You heard the man we have to have a blah blah blah blah.

News Anchor 2: I guess that means no new policies.

Fed Up American: Looking back masks did solve the problem.


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