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HILARIOUS Fauci Mask Flip Flopping Cartoon Parody [VIDEO]

Great job by Freedom Toons on this hysterical rendition of tony ‘Flip Flop’ Fauci.

The ‘experts’, ‘science’ and guidelines just keep on changing and the goalposts just keep on moving.


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Fed Up American: Oh, I’m so glad I got the vaccine so I don’t have to wear a mask anymore.

Tony Fauci: Oh yes you do. B*tch

Fed Up American: What? I thought that was over.

Tony Fauci: Oh no, the science is settled. You have to not not wear a mask. Nevermind. The science changed. What’s most important is you remember, Oh wait, hold on. You need a mask now actually.

Fed Up American: You need one.

Tony Fauci: Yes a mask of course. Now listen, you need.

Fed Up American: Another one to be even more safe, right?

Tony Fauci: Well, I suppose it couldn’t. Now you also need another booster shot.

Fed Up American: But hold on. Another mask.

Tony Fauci:Now you’re also going to need a droplet shot. It saves you from the

Fed Up American: Hold on. I’m still not safe.

News Anchor: You heard the man we have to have a blah blah blah blah.

News Anchor 2: I guess that means no new policies.

Fed Up American: Looking back masks did solve the problem.

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