The TV talking heads: A pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Joe Biden: A pandemic of the unvaccinated.


Frontline hospital worker…


“So this is what I do. I do dialysis on patients in the hospital. You can guess where I’m at… COVID positive hospital floor, completely full. All fully vaccinated patients. I hate my job today. Not wanting to do this again this year. Last year sucked. It was the worst year ever in health care. Pray for your health care workers again. We ain’t trying to do this again. Love y’all.” – COVID Floor Nurse

The official narrative seems to be completely different than what many are saying…

“The vaccine is experimental gene therapy not a vaccine. Studies show it caused the latest strain and will cause others. It’s dangerous and useless.”

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“To suggest that vaccines work and everyone should have them is absurd. They are still wildly experimental, and should be reserved for high risk patients and others who want to have them. Everyone else who chooses to do so should be able to say no thanks. We are not going to vaccinate ourselves out of a scamdemic. The goal posts will keep moving and the politicians will try to keep infringing on our God given rights.”

“yep and the healthcare CEOs are mandating all workers even those that work remotely with no patient or employee contact get the vaccine. Government kickbacks maybe?”

“some are claiming the vaccine actually causes others to catch covid 19, what better way to reduce the population than by making all nurses carriers of covid 19”

“it literally can not be called a vaccine if it does not prevent the disease”

“So, what we’ve learned in the last year… Wuhan virus was created in a ccp gain of function lab. Frankenfauci is clueless and should be fired. Masks don’t work. The Wuhan vaccine doesn’t work. Yet the uninformed continue to goosestep behind illegal mandates, pseudosciences, and fake news lies about this virus pushing narratives that are 100% false. Is that about it?”

“Marxist Media and Biden Regime: I can’t hear you! I’m not listening! BAN HER! DOX HER! CANCEL HER! Pandemic of the unvaccinated! SAY IT!! AHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH! Sorry, my inner Sam Kinison got loose there for a second.”

“the amount of health care workers who aren’t vaccinated should make people realize what a crock of shit this vaccine is”

“They are lying to the American People! I talk to frontline Health Care works everyday and what I’m hearing in Florida it’s about 50/50 vaccinated and unvaccinated.”

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