The truth is slowly coming to light about the origins of COVID, and it seems the Wuhan Lab leak theory is becoming very likely. Natalie Winters, reporter for the National Pulse, appeared with Steve Bannon on the War Room to break down the massive cover up.

Steve Bannon: “Natalie winters, give us your assessment, is there a cover up at NIH? Is Collins and Fauci covering things up? We need a full forensic audit of Afghanistan, we need a full forensic audit of the Fed, we need a full forensic audit of NIH, and Wuhan lab.”


Natalie Winters: “You took the words right out of my mouth, but no, you know, we’re sitting here criticizing the Chinese Communist Party for their cover up of COVID-19 origins, but I think that you’re seeing a very similar play coming up and of course, the taxpayer funded National Institutes of Health.  You were talking about a very recent Wall Street Journal  article entitled, “The world needs to know what happened at the Wu Han lab.” It was penned by Dr. Marc Siegel, and also the former CDC director, Dr. Robert Redfield, and in their own words, they say, and I quote, “that’s gain of function,” while referencing the type of studies that were being conducted by Fauci funded researchers, in tandem with people at the Wuhan Institute of virology, and they go on to detail these kinds of humanized mice models, which is something that really dovetails again, with National Pulse reporting. We put out a story about a month ago about how Dr. Shi Zhengli, who was of course, kind of the point person on bat coronaviruses, at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Natalie Winters: “She (Shi Zhengli) gave a 20-30 minute presentation documenting the type of research that she does at her facility and in addition to listing the NIH as one of her longtime collaborators, along with Peter Daszak , and of course Ralph Baric, she actually offers a personal thank you to none other than Dr. Ralph Baric for him giving her these humanized mice models to conduct these experiments. Again, this also comes on the heels of the NIH grant database being taken down. Unable to search, of course, that very controversial grant to Eagle Health Alliance was also taken down as part of that total wipe. So this really is a cover up that is comparable to I would say that of the Chinese Communist Party And I think it’s not so much that big tech is silencing us because, you know, they think we’re crazy. They’re silencing us to defend the people who their allegiance lies with, whether that be the Biden regime, these scientism elites over at the NIH like Fauci and Collins. Or even people like Dr. Tedros, over at the World Health Organization. So it’s no surprise that for over a year now, they’ve been silencing us. But I really do believe that the truth will and continue to come out.”


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