Democrats and the media have pushed a narrative of blaming vaccine hesitancy on Republicans, specifically Trump supporters.

Why is it hard for educated leaders in this country to accept the question, “Why would anyone who had the disease get a shot of a vaccine still under “emergency” release?”


Why would any competent medical official push the immune to get the jab? Why would universities, allegedly full of smart people, mandate shots for ALL incoming students, whether or not they have natural immunity?

Here’s one. Why would anyone who does NOT restrict their news intake to Big Media have confidence in anything this federal government says?

Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the ninth Administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, has publicly blamed many COVID problems on racism. Dr. Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and White House chief medical adviser, has been shown by released emails that he is not only a liar but also participated in a cover-up of his approval of US taxpayer funding of weaponization of corona viruses at the CCP Wuhan Lab.

Further, Fauci MAY have orchestrated that cover-up.

With all that said, let’s add all this up. We have a woke CDC, a possibly incompetent lying chief medical advisor, along with an administration controlled by radical leftists. We know that the DOJ and FBI are corrupt given their persecution of honorable men like Rudy Giuliani, General Michael Flynn, and Dinesh D’Souza.

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Most Americans will tell you that we have a president with dementia with a proven record of lying and corruption. It seems our media apparatchik is always looking for a way to paint the “Trumpers” as a bunch of lunatics on the fringe of society.


These media mercenaries pick a narrative and distribute it to their partners in propaganda, and they repeat it over and over and over.  Even trying to argue with the indoctrinated is fruitless.  They all claim I am an anti-vaxxer and that I have drunk the Trump Kool-aid if I dare suggest I won’t be taking the experimental vaccine for a disease with 99% survivability.  They must spin the message so all the dutiful leftists sitting in front of their TVs tuned to CNN will know the enemy.  The enemy is conservative values to them.

It is NOT misinformation that is creating hesitancy. It is accurate information that creates hesitancy. The information that Fauci and the CDC constantly change their stories concerns, people. The accurate information that Fauci lied to Congress about the funding of the Chinese lab and LIED about the lab’s research concerns people.

The accurate information that almost anyone under 60 in normal health has next to no chance of serious results if they do get COVID makes people wonder if they, in fact, should get this vaccine. And the ACCURATE information that heretofore our vaccines have never been so rushed. They have a longer track record with much more information before they became SOP for the general public; they make people rightly ask questions.

As I see it, the problem is trust. The government and most of the press have given inaccurate and/or slanted and incomplete information on many previous things. The best rule of thumb I’ve found so far is to discount any information that doesn’t contain verifiable numbers to calculate risk, then determine which risk is the greater.

If these “vaccines” are certified for general use by the FDA, it is essential that the manufacturers’ safe harbor protection is eliminated, opening up the right of individuals to sue the manufacturers if they are injured by the vaccine (including class action suits).


Otherwise, your government is asking its citizens to absorb all vaccine risks without any legal protection.

It’s one thing to be told that the vaccines are safe and effective, but quite another for the manufacturers to risk financial ruin if that turns out to be untrue.

This is more of an indictment of our level of public trust and our attitude toward our government in general than of the vaccine. If we had experienced this in 1968, I believe we would have seen a similar response. Right now, many people on both sides of the aisle hate, yes hate, our government. And until they start working toward improving our lives, and not just their power, that national attitude will continue.

I have weighed these questions, and other factors and have not been vaccinated yet, although my daughters have due to their attending college this fall. If you are not considering these things and at least wondering about some of these factors, you are not rational. You are a leftist lemming.

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This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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