The last several weeks have seen both the government and private business begin a massive push to force people to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

We have been receiving hundreds of emails and messages asking for help on what to do next. Neither the government nor private business should be able to tell you medical choices you must make, but they are doing it anyways.

Andrew J. Wakefield, M.D. is a multi-generational generation Physician and surgeon who trained at the University of London and was valedictorian of his class. After standing up for the rights of children and families who were in his care. Wakefield “dared” to question vaccine safety in the early ’90s and as a result, was canceled. He now produces films that expose the truth. Dr. Wakefield has provided a form for those who want to push back against their employers, and say no to the jab.


Although we have provided the link to the exemption form, we in no way are giving legal advice or make any guarantees on the success you may or may not have with this form.


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