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Kabul Airport Rapidly Devolving, Worst Day By Far, Utterly Horrendous – Sky News [VIDEOS]

Just the other day, George Stephanopoulos asked Joe Biden “We’ve all seen the pictures. We’ve seen those hundreds of people packed in a C-17. We’ve seen Afghans falling,” and Joe Biden’s ridiculous response had people enraged…

Biden literally brushed it off…“That was four days ago, five days ago!… What I thought was, we have to gain control of this. We have to move this more quickly. We have to move in a way in which we can take control of that airport. And we did.”

Sorry Joe, many other people who actually have their boots on the ground in and around the airport are reporting a very different situation.

Here’s one report from Sky News’ Chief Correspondent, Stuart Ramsay.


You can watch the video here:

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“This is the worst day, by far we’ve just come from the outside back into the camp. We’ve been there for a few hours. It is utterly, utterly horrendous. It is boiling hot people have been queuing in there 1000’s and then now coming down the road or the down the road to containers, big cargo containers that are designed to funnel the people down to the right hand side and mainly down the left hand side. But people at the front are being absolutely crushed and we believe people have died this morning. I’ve seen a lot of people getting medical attention. The shout for medics and for stretchers is almost continuous. The same time there’s blast explosions, which are designed to frighten the crowd to try to get them to push back, firing in the air trying to get people just to take a step back.

There’s children being pulled out, up over the sea cargo carriers and brought down where medics are trying to treat them as well. It is utterly horrendous. The number of the soldiers I’ve spoken to, I mean, they’re not in panic, that is completely the wrong description. It is very, very tense. They’re doing everything to try to keep some order but also to rescue people who are in danger of dying or who may well be dying, we believe they are a number of the senior soldiers that I’ve spoken to say that these are people who have done multiple tours of Afghanistan, saying it is the worst thing they have ever seen in their entire careers in the military. Now this is this is not to be taken lightly. Because we are talking hardened combat soldiers who say, you know, we can control what’s going on in terms of saving people at the front. But we don’t know what’s going on behind and there is no way they can get to them.

You know what the worst thing, I can’t see how really this is going to stop until they basically say that’s it, close the doors and leave. And 10’s of 1000’s of people who are in the street will just have to leave. Most of those people will not qualify to come through to any country other than Afghanistan under the current systems. And I can’t see any system is going to just sort of open up the gates and just keep flying people out forever. So at some point there will come a time when they say enough is enough.

There are lots of legitimate British Nationals, but also people with legitimate rights to come to the UK, to United States, to Canada and to a number of other countries as well, but they just can’t get through. Eventually, they sort of make their way through and they’re in a hell of a state when they get here it is quite the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. A lot of it, we decided we did film, but eventually the soldiers will say you’ve just got to stop and you’ve got to withdraw because they it was pandemonium. They’re having to bring up reinforcements all the time. Because in front of the in front of the crate. For one better expression is a row of paratroopers who have got riot shields. They don’t. They’re not to hit anyone or to stop. It’s just a sort of human barrier to stop the people just literally coming through and climbing up a cargo carriers which you know, they would have to stop. But that the funneling entrance, we know with any type of funneling it causes a backlog but this the pressure is so high and there is no way that that pressure can get released. So people, probably the first 50 meters are in terrible state and terrible condition. And there’s just nothing people could do that spraying water on them from above as best they can with hoses. And as I say, doctors, nurses just continuously running to the front being the people out looking at them on the ground, treating them there. If they’re okay, then they treat them a little longer, and then they let them wait. The effect of that means is that you have the huge crowd outside, you have the paratroopers. In the middle, you have the people coming through. They’re then put into view like a triage area which is between these crates, but they’re not likely to be people with the proper paperwork. So what they’re going to do with them, they don’t know. So they’ve now had to create another line of Paris, again with shields to stop them coming through. Because if you go beyond that, then you move towards the United States and other countries who are processing their people because it’s all pretty much descended on this section of the airport. And they are working on those people, but they’re trying to stop them getting through. Pandemonium, not chaos, but really, really dangerous and very difficult. – Stuart Ramsay, Sky News Chief Correspondent

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And that was just the news video…

Here’s one that shows just how GRAPHIC it is getting…

The people see and hear with their own eyes and most simply no longer believe any of the words that come out of Joe’s mouth…

“Listened to lots of ex-military people on phone ins saying they feel let down. I (seems wrongly) thought soldiers operated guns, and that’s pretty much it. I didn’t realize they were social workers.”

“This is a monumental catastrophe. People are dying at the airport today. We warned you days ago urgent action needed to be taken on the approach to the gate. You are leaving your own people without a hope of getting through. Planes leaving near empty.”

“Brilliant reporting.Devastating for the people of Afghanistan .How can we be the architects of such misery?”

“I fail to understand how Biden hasn’t liaised with other NATO countries about a phased withdrawal. Then discussed how best to achieve it with military commanders who have been on the ground. How Biden has approached this is shambolic & left a huge stain on what has been achieved.”

“Can’t they just get someone else who has experience to get the job done instead of letting Biden make the calls?”

“Biden did this”

“Superb journalism from Stuart in what are obviously gut-wrenching circumstances. It really conveys a visceral sense of what is unfolding. Biden can use as many fine words as he likes. This is the reality and it’s grim.”

“The core values/morals, that our grandparents fought for, have been flushed down the drain and forgotten about.. This is a stain on our humanity.”

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