Fauci: The CDC hasn’t really flip flopped at all.

The CDC: The war has changed.


A few weeks ago the science was supposedly settled, now the science is changing they say. Leftists in the media still just blindly (or knowingly?) just repeat the same lines over and over again. Trust the science. Trust the experts.

The people are waking up to understand that the ‘political’ is silent in ‘trust the science’.


“A leaked report by the CDC says the war has changed. Even though Americans are dying and being hospitalized with COVID at very low rates” – NYD Anchor

“The CDC’s leaked report was published by the Washington Post. In it, the agency says the Delta variant is as contagious as Chickenpox, likely to be more severe than the ancestral strain and may be equally contagious among vaccinated and unvaccinatted people. To back up some of their points, they used foreign unreviewed studies countries like Singapore. To conclude, they said the war has changed. Also saying they’ll reconsider other community mitigation strategies. Could this mean lockdowns? On Thursday, the White House said it’s open to the idea if the CDC recommends it. A day later, we got a different response. – Miguel Moreno, NTD News

“Our goal is to make sure that we are not headed towards that. That is not going to be the direction that we take because we have the tools to prevent that.” – Karine Jean-Pierre

“Fact is cases are surging but people are being hospitalized and dying of COVID so low we haven’t seen since March 2020. The CDC report also cites data from Scotland, Canada and Israel. All showing that 2 Pfizer doses were still extremely effective at keeping people from dying or being hospitalized with the Delta variant. Governor Ron DeSantis already said it. He’s not locking down.” – Miguel Moreno, NTD News

“There’s a movement to try to impose more restrictions on the American people. And I just want to say in Florida there will be no lockdowns. There will be no school closures. There will be no restrictions and no mandates in the state of Florida” – Ron DeSantis

“The CDC hasn’t gotten back to us and they haven’t verified the report or published it. So much of what’s contained is still in question.” – Miguel Moreno, NTD News

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