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LIES! ‘Media’ Falsely Claims FL Morgues Overflowing, Refrigerator Trucks Used for Bodies

Boca Raton, FL – As Governor Ron DeSantis is under attack by the lying and criminally-complicit ‘media’, embellished stories are naturally going to surface, but FLAT OUT LIES are being told by “Boca News Now”, and ‘journalist’ Andrew Colton, who said that there were so many bodies hitting the floor that the hospital had to bring in refrigerator trucks to store all of the dead.

UPDATE: BocaNewsNow.com [1] has updated their story:

But hospital spokesman Mike Maucker told BocaNewsNow.com that the refrigerated truck is being used for renovation, not bodies.

”Refrigerated trailers have been acquired to provide additional storage for ongoing renovation projects,” said Maucker. He had not responded to request for clarification by mid-day Saturday. Our questions were posed Friday evening. BocaNewsNow.com did notice a small construction contingent on property, but it was not immediately clear what role a refrigerated tractor trailer would play in that work.

Staffers at Bethesda East say the truck seen has nothing to do with renovation and everything to do with a hospital morgue that is handling more dead than space permits.

Dr. Jane Ruby [2] joined Stew to discuss.

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