Americans are being illegally coerced to take medicine. That’s a fact. That’s happening in the land of the free. From 100% of the military to millions of healthcare workers (propped up early last year as heroes, now being told they can kick rocks), airline pilots, cops, firefighters are you seeing a trend here? The so-called servants to the public are being targeted and every key area of essential workers are now being subjected to tyranny at the hands of unchecked communist overlords with a newly-found authority to force you into an ineffective and in many cases dangerous face muzzle transforming what we’re used to seeing as liberty-loving socialites into an almost mirror image of a burka-ridden extremist militant-run Muslim way of life.

Cover your face, stay away from your family, cancel your gatherings, forget about your holidays and take this shot. The safety and effectiveness of the injection is never a part of the conversation, and anyone that questions the ingredients or has noticed the historically record-smashing injuries and deaths is the new conspiracy theorist, right wing radical terrorist on the DHS list recently released in order to scare you into submission.

It’s scary to be forced into doing something, even more so when the results could kill you but we’re going to keep asking the question. What’s in these shots? Why can’t we know? Why hasn’t Pfizer had a press conference since the fake FDA approval was set up as a furtherance of lies for the CNN propaganda machine? Maybe it’s because you’re not supposed to know.

Dr. Robert Young, a microscopy expert holding two PhD’s, says he has examined the contents of the four publicly-available CoV-19 “vaccines”, and determined the vials to contain graphene oxide, deadly parasites and stainless steel, among other metals and contents. You can see his findings here.

One doctor, an expert in the field of microscopy, says he’s examined the vials, and if what he’s saying is accurate we now definitively know why it’s a big secret. Dr. Jane Ruby is an expert pharmaceutical researcher that joined Stew Peters to reveal the findings to the public.

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Does The FDA Approval Of Pfizer's COVID Vaccine Change Your Stance on Vaccine Mandates?

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