Mike Lindell has been fighting with and for Donald Trump since the beginning.

What he’s now saying is quite interesting…



“Even if you’re a Democrat out there, I like speaking to my friends that are liberals or Democrats because I say, Look around you and see what they’re doing to our country. You know, they’ve been, you got to realize a lot of people over here have been brainwashed for years and years by them by the media, by the horrible, horrible journalists in our country that won’t do their job. The media has done more damage than everything put together. I’m telling you, because everything stems off that. Now I want to say something, when you when you steal, when you steal an election, you don’t just steal an election and we go on, and we’re gonna sit here and go, Okay, let’s wait for 2024. I’ll tell you what, it’s Trump 2021. That’s what it is. 2021. If we don’t solve 2020, there is no 2022 and 2024.” – Mike Lindell


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