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Parent Absolutely Destroys Sarasota FL School Board Over Mask Mandates (VIDEO)

Parents are beginning to fight back against their local school board’s mask mandates all over the country. In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has ordered there be no mask mandates in schools. Two school districts in Florida are already refusing to comply, and Biden has threatened to restore any funding pulled for non-compliance by the State of Florida with federal funds.

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The Sarasota County School Board is now considering imposing a mask mandate for their students and staff. Many parents aren’t happy about it.  A parent of a child in Sarasota, Martin Hyde, appeared during public comment at the Tuesday board meeting and absolutely crushed the idea of mask mandates.

Martin Hyde:

I hope you can all hear me and I hope that our governor can in Tallahassee, I’m a local citizen, taxpayer, and importantly, a parent of a kid in school here, which for the five of you on our school board are not.

Ron DeSantis was elected by the people of Florida to act as our governor. He has bravely stood against the woke cancel culture that has infected the west coast of America and the Northeast. He famously has shirts that say, “Don’t Fauci, my Florida,” and he’s made an executive order that defies you from doing. So it is not your right to break your oath to uphold the Constitution of our state by allowing your leftist opinions to break the law.

The governor can and I believe should remove you from office, anyone who defies his legal order. When apart from the Governor, a better question might be just exactly who do you think you are to impose medical decisions on our kids? The false flag for kids is being run up to cover the truth, which is that this is political. How dare you suggest that not only you have more authority than America’s most popular governor, but also that you hold more authority over our kids than we parents do? This is America. No North Korea. The power in this nation lies with the people not with you. The authority over medical decisions.

The choice here is not whether my son is going to wear a mosque because he is 100% not going to., but whether you want to be removed at the ballot box at the next election or by the governor. Now, my trust on this in order is our governor, my fellow parents and ultimately God himself, but certainly and unequivocally not in you.