This is absolutely abhorrent.

Unfortunately, we’re hearing more and more stories like this one.


Just listen to what she has to say…


“Cardiologist appointment scheduled since May. It is now August. Today is my appointment. I show up for that appointment wearing a mask. He’s wearing a mask. And I’m told that because I am not vaccinated and because he is too young to be vaccinated, I can’t be seen. A five month pregnant woman who is having heart problems, cannot see the cardiologist she has waited months to see because I’m not vaccinated. Tell me again, that it’s about public health. These doctors and nurses should be fucking ashamed of themselves for turning away a patient who needs help, because of their vaccination status UN-FUCKING REAL” – One Pissed Off Mama Bear

If things like this don’t inspire you to take a stand against the medical tyranny and apartheid that is going on, you deserve what comes next.

Just know that if you are against all this craziness, you’re not alone.

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The people are getting louder and louder…

“Doctors must be getting huge commissions off these vaccines.”

“They are ramping up the pressure…they will do anything, including letting a pregnant woman and her unborn child die to get you “Healthy” – NOT!”

“its not about protecting you its all about the money these doctors are a joke”

“Take them to court they have just broken so many laws.”

“People must film doctors/nurses saying this. In France people are demanding doctors to WRITE DOWN they will not see them because non vaccinated”

“Big Uh oh. That they would do this means they care none about anyone’s welfare. They have to do what the government says or lose all funding. This not a democratic Republic anymore.”

“God will not be mocked. These tyrannical people are gonna be brought down.”

“Lawsuits need to be taken against these places. Where are the lawyers??? How dare they require something that isn’t even fda approved and neither safe nor effective. WHERE ARE THE LAWYERS????”

“Any “doctor” pushing this poison is getting their pockets lined.”

Bruh this is beyond disgusting, at this point these people aren’t human. If I was a doctor I’d find this woman, and help her for free.

“On the one hand they are so desparate to save lives with the vaccine, on the other it doesn’t matter that a not vaccined person could die because doctors follow orders they are given and forget about the oath they swore once.”

“They should lose their license to PRACTICE medicine. When found denying treatment to anybody. Did they not take an oath, WTF.”

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