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Prison Guard Union Threatens COVID Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit Against Dem Gov. Tom Wolf In PA

The Pennsylvania Prison Guards Union is planning on taking legal action against Governor Tom Wolf for mandating vaccines for prison guards.

The union represents approximately 10,000 prison guards across the state. Wolf had ordered that all prison guards and several other county workers must get vaccinated by September 7 or be tested weekly for the coronavirus. President John Eckenrode of the PA State Corrections Officers Association sent a letter to Wolf this past week calling the mandate a, “slap in the face.”


Wolf would not respond to questions about the letter claiming he had not read it. He did however state that prison guards do important work and that in order to ensure their safety they needed to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Wolf has also mandated that people who work in congregate facilities such as medical facilities, prisons, and centers for people with disabilities must get vaccinated or receive weekly COVID test.

“The people that wanted to be vaccinated had and still have the opportunity to be vaccinated. We support the people that want to be vaccinated and strongly encourage you to do so if you wish. If you are the person that does not want to be vaccinated, that is your God given right as an American in a free society and we strongly support your decision, and we will do everything in our power to attempt to make sure that it is not made to be mandatory.” – John Eckenrode


Across the United States many employees are being faced with employers and/or government officials mandating that they get vaccinated in order to keep their job. Slowly the freedoms that we have enjoyed as Americans are being taken from us as people in power try to tell us that we have to get vaccinated. The choice to get vaccinated should be an individual choice. A choice that a person is free to make without the risk of losing their livelihood. Yet somehow people in power feel they should have the final say about what we put into our body without knowing the consequences.


This piece was written by Zach Heilman on August 14, 2021. It originally appeared in ThinBlueLineTV.com [3] and is used by permission.

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