Are restaurants in your area requiring you to show medical records just to get a bite to eat?

Well here’s what some people are doing to fight back against it.

Watch it here:



“So with all the craziness happening, people have been asking me what are we gonna do about restaurants that are going to be asking for vaccine passports? Very easy. You share that information with us. And then we gather it. And we start calling them, randomly throughout the week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, we make reservations at any point in time. 5, 6, 8 PM, you know, 6-8-10 people, you make large reservations, and a minute or two before your reservation. You call them and you say, you know what, one of us doesn’t have a vaccine passport or one of us can’t find his vaccine passport. We’re just going to have to fucking cancel. You take business away from them that way. You hit them where it fucking matters, and you teach them a fucking lesson. We can’t accept that. Let’s work together on this. Pass this on to all the freedom fighters, share it, and let’s get everybody on board to go after these fucking idiots. Have a good night, everyone. God bless.” – One of the people who just wanted to be left alone


Seems like this move would hit these restaurants where it hurts, their bottom line.

Are Vaccine Passports a Good Idea?

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If enough people do this type of thing, the vaccine passports will become a thing of the past as restaurants who enforce such tyrannical ways will simply go out of business if they continuously have empty tables, right?

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