ReOpen San Diego, Let Them Breathe, and San Diego Rise Up all came together with many other community members and leaders to take a stand against the County Board of Supervisors.

Brittany Mayer delivered a fiery speech to the board.

Her shirt says it all…

“If you’re not angry, You’re not paying attention.”



“Nathan Fletcher I tagged the heck out of you, so I’m sure that you’re very familiar with me. Jim Desmond, thank you for your work. Wilma Wooten this is also directed at you along with Nathan Fletcher. America is not a hospital. California is not a hospital, San Diego, it’s not a hospital. This is a constitutional republic that guarantees protection of individual freedom and liberty and due process. This applies to our individual pursuits of medical interventions and health practices. San Diego is not a hospital floor that we collectively have checked into that subjects all patients to equitably prescribed medical care with no due process. Our Constitution does not secure for government power to impose forced equity in medical mandates and interventions or the power to punish carte blanche. There are 3.338 million people in San Diego County. 3811 people who have died with WITH, WITH COVID. Of those 96%, 3652 had comorbidities with hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disease accounting for the top three. Median age 77. That has a total fatality rate of 0.1% 3.338 million people. That is a clear affinity for a specific vulnerable age and health demographic with majority fatalities prior to available treatment options and prevention. 91% of San Diegan’s 6069 received the injection. 98%, 7079 received the injection. We remove consent from treating us like we are patients in a hospital ward. We are done. The consent of the governed is removed. We will not comply. We do not consent. Nathan Fletcher you are on notice. We will constitutionally remove all petty tyrants beginning now.” – Brittany Mayer


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Brittany wasn’t nearly the only person who spoke out against their medical tyranny.

These are everyday American’s from many walks of life.

The elected representatives around our country better start paying attention to their constituents or this will be their last term.

Vote them all out.

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All of the above isn’t even everyone who spoke out…

You can watch the entire video here: