The San Diego Police Department is conducting an internal investigation into a social media post in which an officer urged fellow officers to refuse any orders to be vaccinated for Covid-19 or to be masked. Currently, the SDPD requires those employees not vaccinated to wear masks.


The SDPD “is reviewing this as a personnel matter to determine if the officer violated department policy,” SDPD public affairs Lt. Adam Sharki said in a statement.  “SDPD holds its members to the highest standards,” the statement read. “Any department member found to be in violation of SDPD’s policies or procedures will be held accountable. SDPD strongly encourages all of its members to get vaccinated and continues to make COVID-19 vaccine readily available.”

The statements allegedly made by the unidentified officer were allegedly posted recently in an online forum for members of the San Diego Police Officers Association.  Screenshots of the post were released by the NAACP.  You can read the full post here.

Read portions of the post:

“First off, nobody will be forced to take the vaccine.  Every man and woman in the United States of America has been afforded the GOD give rights and freedoms that cannot be taken away.”

“This is not a police issue, it’s a freedom issue.”

“Myself and another God fearing Patriot on this Department are building up a coalition of Cops who will stand up for our God given freedoms and are willing to risk it all.  From this point forward we will never take the vaccine, be tested or wear another face diaper around our heads without our free will to make that choice.”

Like-minded members of department “have to be willing to get fired from this job to secure your rights and stand by your convictions.”

The issue is “the hill to die on, because I promise you if `WE THE PEOPLE’ lose this fight there won’t be another hill to fight on.”

“Our coalition is growing by the day and if the Department and City are willing to fire 100-500 cops then so be it. For those who have taken the vaccine, been tested or choose to wear the mask, I support you 100% as you used your free will to make those decisions. Now I ask you to stand with your colleagues free will as well.”

“Some of you are wide awake and understand what I am getting at, some are just now or have been waking up this past year, and sadly some of you are still sound asleep.  I am not going to get into the real science that shows that the vaccines are harmful and even deadly, the testing process is inaccurate and harmful, and the masks are harmful to health psyche, and are demoralizing.”

That’s the news and here’s where I shift into commentary…

Let me ask you this, if this officer had wrote a post asking for fellow department members to get vaccinated and to wear a mask, would there still be an investigation?  So what’s the difference? The officer did not call for any illegal acts.  Is this internal investigation really just about the officer’s opinion on vaccine mandates and masks? Is that where we are?

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Predictably, the NAACP and other activists are calling this proof of “extremism” and “white supremacy.”  The media is calling the officer a wacko “Q” conspiracy theorist because he ended the post with the infamous “WWG1WGA,” but the truth is the left just can’t stand it when people don’t comply.

Welcome to America, the 2021 edition, where you have freedom of speech only if you don’t dissent. Stay strong officer, you did nothing wrong.

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This piece was written by Ray Dietrich on August 22, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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