Moms, Dads and concerned citizens have been standing up to tyrannical school boards across America.

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“Hello, good evening, thank you. I’m Sherry Brown, and I’m in the medical field, and I’m also a professor, so I’m well versed in medical information, education, conducting and evaluating research. In response to last night’s email regarding a mask mandate, I’m very confused. I thought that this is Birmingham Public Schools Board of Education, not the Birmingham Public Health Department. However, it seems as if you have decided to go beyond the Department of Health recommendations and mandated the placement of a medical device on our children. As stated by the FDA, the use of masks has not been proven for antiviral protection. And as a matter of fact, it says on the box, it does not prevent the spread spread of disease or infection. By placing this on our children, you are applying what is considered a medical device. And if you’re going to act in this capacity, you are required to obtain informed consent. According to the FDA, informed consent means that you need to provide the understanding and nature for a procedure or device, understand the risks and benefits, offer reasonable alternatives and understand the risks and benefits of all these alternatives. It also states that consent cannot be obtained under coercion, meaning no undue influence, punishment or reward.

In my registration packet that I filled out for my two children recently, I did not see any paper that provides me with the benefits the risks are the side effects of a child wearing a mask for seven to eight hours a day. I did not see an offer of other options. Nor did I see anything asking for my permission for you to apply a medical device. Not only that, but I am pretty sure that saying that a child will not be able to attend in person school and receive a free and appropriate in person education is a form of coercion. So basically, you have not met the criteria for informed consent at all. Based on this, not providing us with any risk or benefits for wearing a mask. I had to do my own research. I have at least 46 studies, mostly from the National Institute of Health, demonstrating that these masks do not prevent the spread of viruses. I also have 26 studies from the National Institute of Health demonstrating that long term mask wearing can have negative effects and consequences on the wearer. So are you willing to take on the liability for any adverse effects on our children’s health? These Studies demonstrate breathing difficulties that are created and exacerbated by masking children. And I do believe that section 1307 B of the school code prohibits school personnel from providing any restraint that negatively impacts breathing. I understand that it’s difficult to make these decisions when you’re dealing with a lot of emotions on either side of the topic. But your job is not to mandate medical decisions, especially when the health department has only issued recommendations. You are the superintendent and Board of Education. Your focus needs to be on educating our students. Please leave health decisions and choices to parents and their doctors. Thank you” – Sherry Brown


We The People will continue to speak out against the tyrannical ways of any and all who attempt to control us.

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