So thanks to Afghanistan, the press is once again ignoring the reality at the U.S. border. But of course, that doesn’t mean the catastrophe there has stopped. Two hundred thousand people arrived at the border in July. Tens or hundreds of thousands more will arrive in August. It’s almost certain that more illegal immigrants will enter America this year than any year on record. Of those illegals being found at the border, fifty-three percent of them are taken into custody until their case can be “adjudicated.” In other words, they’re simply being let into America. Their cases take years to resolve. If they skip their hearings, nobody hunts them down to deport them. ICE will take no action. In the vast majority of cases, they will be here forever. The Biden Administration wants these illegals to come here. Left-wing cities want to give them sanctuary. States are banned from doing anything on their own to enforce this country’s immigration laws. They just have to shut up and hand out taxpayer money to support them, forever.

This border crisis isn’t an accident or an act of God. It was planned. In 2020, border crossings were minimal, thanks to President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy and other enforcement efforts. President Biden threw all of that away, and created the crisis we see now. We see things like that all over the place.

Last year, murder rates went up 25 percent nationwide. Why? Because in our most dangerous cities, leaders chose not to enforce the law. They ordered police to stand down while rioters ran wild. They pressured cops to scale back day-to-day enforcement efforts, allowing armed gang members to move around with impunity. Instead of making sure police are well-trained and effective, they’ve been driving competent police away and replacing them with people who will enforce mask mandates and always use the right transgender pronouns, but won’t be so zealous about saving you from a gunman.

Why are our cities filled with homeless encampments? Because city leaders want there to be homeless encampments. If they wanted them to disappear, they would. Instead, they let garbage pile up and they let the mentally ill harass ordinary citizens with impunity.

Critical race theory is flooding our children’s schools. Last year, President Trump issued an executive order banning that sort of racist poison from any school and any company receiving federal funds. President Biden repealed that order, to make sure the poison kept flowing.

And of course, in Afghanistan, 13 U.S. troops are dead, fighting to secure the right of a hundred thousand or more Afghans to come to America to live on the public dole, forever.

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What’s this tell you? For one, that elections have consequences. Your country is being overrun, bankrupted, shot up, and humiliated because of decisions made by the Biden Administration. If you believe the official vote totals, Joe Biden was only elected by just 81,139 votes: 35,453 in Nevada, 20,546 in Wisconsin, 14,152 in Georgia, and 10,988 votes in Arizona. Eighty-one thousand votes, in an election with unprecedented opportunity for fraud, between universal mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and countless last-minute rule-changes.

The Arizona audit results will be released soon. We don’t know what the audit will say, but it’s possible it could expose real evidence of fraud in 2020. If it does, then that means all this chaos you just heard about, all the illegal immigrants and the dead U.S. soldiers, the murders in our cities and the racist filth in our schools, is happening because of an election that was fundamentally illegitimate. And that drives home the importance of making sure we get our electoral system right, right now, so that this sort of election can never happen again.

Former Military Intelligence Army Captain, Seth Keshel, joined Stew Peters to discuss the state of the audit, adamantly insists fraud exists, and speculates as to what mechanism may be used to rectify the country if efforts to prove the fraud are successful.

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